Good Times In First

Sunday, September 6, 2015

This is what I am about

Hey ya'll!!! I just want to lay it all out there. I am not trying to strike it rich on TPT.... I just want to connect with other teachers from all over the place! I want to share, collaborate, and just get to know each other.. Encourage one another.... laugh and cry with each other... if this sounds cool to you follow me... message me.. let's chat! Follow me on Periscope, Blab or Instagram @amvictory!

Peace and Love ya'll,
Ms. Angela

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

June's over?... Julying!

Ok.. a year ago I said I was back into the world of blogging but I totally mean it this time! Squiggle life!! I can't believe June has come and gone! I have had a great summer chilling and just enjoying time with my girl! So, July?? Wow!!! I have started the pinning for the new year on Pinterest and my Amazon cart has a few new items in it. That is about as far as I have gotten. I am mixed with emotions of AHHH summer break is fading fast and EEEk!!! I can't wait to meet the new littles and decorate my room. How do you feel about July and most importantly what are YOU pinning? 

Love and Light,