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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The List .... Oh my!

Tomorrow is the big day! I will get my class list! I am so exited to see who my new babies are! I am also eager to see who will be teaching my baby! She has wanted to be in my teaching partner's room since she was old enough to talk! Can't wait...
This year we will pick up our list in the school office. I am curious. How do you get your list? Please share!


  1. So exciting!!!! I love getting my class list. Our principal walks around to each grade level and hands them out. We are usually in grade level meetings for the first couple of days. It's the most exciting part of starting a new year.

  2. We don't get a list until after registration, which is the second week of August. Then we really aren't sure because one section of our boundaries is very transient. So we can't do a lot of labeling until after the first week of school.


  3. We get our list the week before the last day of school. So, we have had ours for a while. I found your blog through another blog. Come visit us sometime for some freebies and ideas.
    Your newest follower, Stephanie

    1. I am going to hop over Stephanie!
      Wow, you are lucky!